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travelers report a health issue during their trip


1.4 B

people traveled in 2018. 



countries covered in the VIVAVOYA app



clinics and hospitals in the app



apps are used by a single traveler on the average trip


Experience it all with VIVAVOYA

VIVAVOYA is revolutionizing the way travelers get—and stay—well. Our global membership program ensures you always have access to elite healthcare providers and solutions no matter where the journey takes you. 


By bringing together innovative technology, creative thinking, and an unwavering commitment to quality care, VIVAVOYA provides convenient access to healthcare and wellness solutions for travelers who crave a healthy, mindful, and expansive life.


Live more and worry less—that’s our mantra and that’s what’s powering our users to travel farther and wider than ever. Because, with VIVAVOYA, there’s no such thing as too far. The only question is, where will you go next?

How Travelers VIVAVOYA

VIVAVOYA empowers global travelers by ensuring targeted care solutions are always within reach. Users can instantly connect with high-quality, traveler-friendly healthcare resources including doctors, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies so you can get well and get back to your next adventure.

VIVAVOYA gives global travelers on-the-go access to physicians, clinics, and pharmacies in more than 200 countries. It’s on-demand and always in reach, no matter where you roam.

Adventure Awaits!

Click. Connect. VIVA!

VIVAVOYA keeps pace with your jet-setting lifestyle ensuring that, no matter where the journey takes you, you’re never more than a click away from the care you need.


Here’s how it works, in three simple steps.

Access the App



The Vivavoya mobile interface is as intuitive to navigate as it is sleekly designed.


Select Your Location



Wherever your travels take you Vivavoya can help you find the medical care you’re looking for.


Find Your Provider



With more than 50,000 participating providers worldwide, Vivavoya has the right fit for your preferences. 


The Power to Keep Moving Forward

With VIVAVOYA clinicians in 200+ countries, VIVAVOYA connects you with trustworthy care anytime, anywhere.


Communicate your symptoms with built-in translation tools covering key medical terms and requests in 14 different languages.​

Use VIVAVOYA to plan your medical tourism trip, and carefully vet providers all over the world for peace of mind.

Locate traveler-friendly pharmacies, as well as 700+ English-speaking pharmacies covering every corner of the globe.

Access 65,000 trusted physicians plus 15,000 clinics and hospitals globally, all vetted to ensure comfortable, quality treatment.

Search generic versions for nearly 500 brand name medications, to save time, money, and confusion at the pharmacy.

 View healthcare security profiles for 300 cities across 205 countries, giving you complete assurance you’re getting care you can trust.

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