Exceptional healthcare on the go.
Influential, innovative, and progressive, VIVAVOYA is reinventing the global health and wellness industry. There are multiple businesses that provide healthcare, but no-one does it quite like we do. Our prestigious global membership program focuses on providing a wholly modern and personalized approach, so that you and your family can travel with complete peace of mind. 
Our highly personalized concierge service connects you to our private and privileged medical directory, where you can promptly receive qualified advice, reserve an appointment, and acquire the best care for your unique needs, wherever you go, whatever treatment you need. Because when you have a trusted partner advocating for your health, we know that you are more likely to worry less and live more.
We champion an unparalleled customer experience by offering the utmost discretion through an exclusive network of 7,000+ internationally credentialed professionals and doctors who are fluent in English, board-certified, and trained in the most innovative and advanced medicine practices. Moreover, they can guarantee an exclusive 2-hour response time so that even our most high-profile, discerning individuals can enjoy their vacations.
Our relentless dedication to excellence and commitment to providing superior healthcare in a luxury setting, anywhere in the world, is what drives us to innovate and pioneer. We believe that the ultimate healthcare experience is best supported by someone you intimately trust. Someone who values unprecedented luxury. Someone like VIVAVOYA. 
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