Whether you’re vacationing with your family or away on business, it’s reassuring to know that first rate medical care is just one click away.
The Healthcare Assistant Travel App
Love to travel? Gain easy access to quality healthcare while traveling with VIVAVOYA.
Access To 7,000+ Pre Vetted Doctors in Over 200 Countries On-Demand
All Locations Are Monitored On An On-Going Basis & Inspected By VIVAVOYA
24-Hour Support – Fast Response For All Your Needs
Specialized Doctors Qualified In Over 120 Medical Conditions
Specialty Care For Each Member 
Top Pediatricians For Your Children
We understand that your family’s health is your primary concern.
With VIVAVOYA, you can be confident that excellent medical care is available to you and your family, no matter where in the world you travel.
When you’re on vacation and illness strikes, or an accident happens, it can be difficult to find a doctor you trust.
Almost all individuals have a story about how they fell ill abroad, or their illness worsened and had a frightening and overwhelming experience finding a trustworthy English-speaking doctor and facility.  
Moreover, many people find themselves misdiagnosed, misprescribed and feel very uncomfortable in a new setting while struggling to understand a new language, waiting in long queues all to get connected to unsuitable doctors. Not to mention making sure their medical records are kept private and secure.
VIVAVOYA’s Premier Service
VIVAVOYA is an exclusive, membership-based app that uses proprietary technology to connect its discerning clientele with the finest doctors and medical facilities in the world.
As a VIVAVOYA member, no matter where you or your family travel, you are connected to a global network of over 7000 vetted healthcare professionals in more than 200 countries. So you can focus on having a good time, or closing that deal, secure in the knowledge that VIVAVOYA will handle any medical situation that arises - quickly and discretely.
Our U.S.based healthcare app provides an extensive global reach that is demanded by our discerning clients.
VIVAVOYA has used its expertise to form a global network of 7000+ top-tier health practitioners in over 200 countries that meet and surpass Western standards of healthcare.
When you’re traveling, you can’t predict when a medical emergency will occur.
But with VIVAVOYA you can be prepared for it.
But with VIVAVOYA you can be prepared for it.

When you’re traveling, you can’t predict when a medical emergency will occur.
But with VIVAVOYA you can be prepared for it.
At VIVAVOYA we believe receiving medical attention must be immediate. Taking time to find a doctor can become a very serious and potentially dangerous problem if symptoms persist and need immediate attention. 
Travel can expose us to all kinds of new parasites, weaken our immune system if we’re tired, stressed and overworked. And experiencing different climates can also cause illness. Many travelers often find an existing condition can worsen whilst traveling, for example, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or Asthma and need to seek help from a specialist right away. 
Above all, not being able to find a doctor for your child can be the scariest experience a parent can face. Children frequently get ill abroad as they are more susceptible to picking up new diseases or they often have mishaps in a new environment – slipping by the pool, food poisoning, falling off climbing frames or getting stung by insects.
At the very least, having a sick child on holiday can ruin their vacation and yours, resulting in having to cut the long-needed trip short. In many cases, illnesses and injuries will persist long after the vacation is over if not seen by the correct doctor in time and could have a significant impact on your child’s health. 
Having VIVAVOYA on your side means that you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Almost 1 out of every 2 travelers abroad will become ill or injured during their trip!
Source - www.allianztravelinsurance.com
12 million Americans are misdiagnosed a year.
Source - www.qualitysafety.bmj.com
1 in 12 doctor’s visits in the U.S. resulted in the patient receiving misprescribed medications. 
Source - www.medleague.com 
VIVAVOYA provides immediate access to an elite global network of pre-vetted, world class doctors and medical facilities. VIVAVOYA was created for discerning travellers who demand preferential treatment administered with absolute discretion.
With the VIVAVOYA App, you can locate pre-vetted and highly qualified doctors, 5- star facilities, hospitals, pharmacies, specialists and pediatricians who speak your language in over 200+ countries. 
All locations and health practitioners featured on VIVAVOYA have been visited and vetted by our team of Medical professionals and evaluated on an ongoing basis. This is the first and only healthcare directory to carry-out a first-hand inspection of all facilities. 

VIVAVOYA offers 24-hour, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year support via our inbuilt chat feature in case of any questions or emergencies. This is only provided by VIVAVOYA as we know immediate care is of the utmost importance.
If you have an illness, you will know how hard uncovering an excellent specialist is. VIVAVOYA makes sure that every condition or illness our members have can be seen by a specialist. 

VIVAVOYA caters to each and every valued member making sure you can always speak to a member of our team, whenever, wherever.

Anxious your child will get sick in a foreign land? VIVAVOYA makes sure parents can feel more relaxed when away by having access to top-level pediatricians. 
There are dozens of services that provide the basics, but VIVAVOYA is in a class by itself, delivering an elevated, highly curated experience so you can travel with complete peace of mind with world class doctors on tap. 
VIVAVOYA also embraces the utmost in quality of service, discretion and reliable security so high-profile individuals can feel completely secure.
We allow members to worry less about their health and security and enjoy life more when on vacation. Creating precious memories and having amazing experiences with their loved ones.
Let VIVAVOYA provide you and your family with access to superior care, ensuring you get the highest quality medical care while traveling via our all-in-one travel app. 
The VIVAVOYA APP will become a second nature to you while away should you or a loved one become ill. Just one click and you’ll discover top-tier doctors and specialists at your fingertips wherever you go.  
VIVAVOYA provides its members with priceless medical access and unparalleled benefits money can’t buy...
VIVAVOYA Enables: 
  •  Individuals to have access to the finest facilities and leading doctors in every field.
  •  Members to be knowledgeable of which quality doctors and facilities to opt for they might not have otherwise known about.
  •  Users receive the highest level of privacy and security so that they have the complete discretion they deserve.
  •  Members can geolocate pharmacies instead of searching for one when sick or in an emergency.
  •  VIVAVOYA users with children can rest assured their child can be seen by a trusted pediatrician.
How We Serve High Net Worth Individuals
The Vault - Secure, Private, Encrypted  
When you’re a high profile or high net worth individual or family, finding a secure and safe facility that won’t share your information is virtually impossible if you don’t know where to look. 
VIVAVOYA security, in both online and real-time, real-world scenarios, means that you, your data, and your details remain safe and private. Robust infrastructure components layered into networks and applications are reinforced and encrypted at record and field levels, assuring safe, efficient communication between doctors, facilities, and members.

Our systems are secured by superior data encryption and design models of the highest caliber - protecting VIVAVOYA against data theft.  
Wherever you are in the world, whatever health issue you have,
we’ve got you covered.
You’ll never travel again without it.
The app will act as your exclusive worldwide pass to a superior level of care that is only accessible to VV Members. Use the app conveniently and connect with our global network of doctors and professionals by just a few taps on your phone. 
When to use your app? 
  •  To locate the right qualified doctor and facility abroad for you and your family
  •  Search for doctors before you travel to give you peace of mind that you’re in safe hands
  •  Emergency needs
  •  Geolocate nearby English-speaking pharmacies 
  •  Translate your symptoms and identify generic drug names
  •  Locate a pediatrician for your little ones
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The VIVAVOYA App Features:
  •   7,000+ English-speaking vetted doctors, dentists and behavioral specialists representing 120+ medical specialties in 200+ countries
  •   6,100+ vetted hospitals and clinics and 334 global travel clinics
  •   150+ Regional Physician Advisors (RPAs) located around the world and experienced Medical Directors vetted via a rigid selection process
  •   Continuously-updated city and country-level security profiles including risk ratings for 299 cities and 205 countries
  •   Daily delivery of security alerts with severity ratings and advice for travelers
  •   Health Atlas Profiles for 190 countries including six key country-level measures for healthcare services and environmental risks
  •   1,600+ bilateral translations of medical terms and phrases across 14 languages delivered audibly via mobile phone
  •  Brand name and generic equivalents of prescribed and over-the-counter drugs for 487 medicines in 45 frequently visited countries including medical compound and preparation/dosage information
  •  Detailed information about 670 foreign embassies, 176 consulates or consular agencies and 74 additional entities
  •  700+ "expat-friendly" pharmacies in 340+ cities in 160+ countries
  •  24/7/365 customer service support via VIVAVOYA’s chat function on the application
Who is VIVAVOYA for?
Individuals who value premium healthcare.
Frequent travelers who travel for business or pleasure. 
Families with children and infants.
Individuals with an existing condition.
VIVAVOYA was envisioned and created with superior healthcare in mind for individuals and families who want premier healthcare anytime and anywhere because why accept anything else but the best in healthcare? 
In the new-age world with apps for everything, we wanted to combine the best healthcare with the convenience of an app, something that is always in your pocket - wherever you go. 
Our members’ health is our top priority & the VIVAVOYA app is an essential item for health and travel. 
We're dedicated to each and every VIVAVOYA member so that is why we have a finite number of memberships.
This way, members receive personalized and immediate 24-hour care.
How much would you pay to ensure that your family has access to the finest healthcare anywhere in the world?
Answer: A lot less than you’d expect.
(Regularly $499.95/yr)
Membership benefits include:
  • Immediate access to premier medical and wellness providers attention anywhere in the world.
  • Discounted business class airfares up to 12% with select carriers.
  • Special/Exclusive rates on medical and wellness treatments from select partners.
  • Free 30 – minute confidential call with one of our Addiction Recovery Specialists for you or your loved one or friend.
  • Sample spa treatments from one of our renowned wellness partners at exotic locations. 
(Regularly $499.95/yr)
*The kind of quality doctors and professionals vetted by VIVAVOYA are only available on the App and can’t be found anywhere else. 
*This is the pre-launch price and will not be available much longer.

*This is the pre-launch price and will not be available much longer.
Who’s It For? 
VIVAVOYA is for individuals who travel frequently and want the peace of mind afforded by a service that helps locate high-quality health providers. VIVAVOYA provides exclusive access to providers around the globe who have been vetted by our team. This saves you time, provides reassurance that you are in good hands, and safeguards your private health information.
Why do I need to pay for such a service?
Having elite and pre-vetted doctors and specialists at your fingertips at home or abroad is something invaluable. It is crucial you have a doctor you trust and a secure facility where you can feel at ease and your data protected. Researching and inspecting faculty level doctors and secure facilities on an ongoing regular basis, having a 24/7 chat system with an expert support team and everything else we offer does cost VIVAVOYA time and money. Of course, there are other ways to find doctors but there is only place you can find top-tier doctors you and your family deserve. Imagine us as your personal healthcare assistant that can geolocate world-class doctors on-demand anywhere you choose to travel!  
Can I book an appointment with any doctor world-wide? 
VIVAVOYA only provides members with top-ranked doctors and specialists. You will be able to make an appointment with any doctor on our app who have all been vetted by our team. 
How much does seeing a doctor cost?
This depends. VIVAVOYA is not a healthcare service or provider. We solely provide an elite doctor and facility database for our members to choose from. 
How do I contact a doctor? 
The VIVAVOYA app will provide you with all the doctor’s details. You will then connect with the doctor yourself outside of the app to ensure you can immediately get in contact with the doctor. VIVAVOYA does this so there will be no waiting around involved, no middle man - just you and the specialist you require. 
Uncover the Hidden Gem of the Global Health and Wellness Industry
There are multiple businesses that provide healthcare, but no-one does it quite like we do! We believe that the best healthcare is best supported by someone you trust. Someone who has your back. Someone like VIVAVOYA. 
VIVAVOYA is in a class of our own and we are committed to delivering highly curated global health and wellness experiences, so that you and your family can travel with complete peace of mind while having world-class doctors on call. Our elite services, utmost discretion, and highly secure app enables even the most high-profile individuals to enjoy their vacations. 
Health (and luxury) are not valued until you are faced with disaster.
With our private and privileged medical directory, you can quickly receive qualified advice, book a consultation, schedule a doctor’s appointment, and obtain high-quality care on the go. Our exclusive network of 7000+ internationally credentialed professionals and doctors are all English-speaking (and most are multi-lingual), board-certified, and have been trained in western medicine practices. Plus, they can guarantee an exclusive 2-hour response time for all of our niche clients.
VIVAVOYA’s mission of providing superior healthcare in a luxury setting, anywhere in the world, is what drives the founder and CEO, Serif Sisman, to innovate and pioneer. Because when you have someone advocating for your health, we know that you are more likely to worry less and live more! 
VIVAVOYA is proud of our elite service and will strive to continue to always deliver the ultimate in premier health and wellness to give you the best care for your unique needs, wherever you go, whatever treatment you need, and whoever you choose to get treated by.  
With the VIVAVOYA APP, no matter where you travel, you are connected to an elite healthcare network. So you can focus on having a good time, or closing that deal – with complete confidence that VIVAVOYA has any medical emergency covered. 
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