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Why Travel Insurance is Not Enough (And Why Your Family Needs Our App on Your Next Vacation)

The last thing you want to think about when going on holiday is getting sick or suffering from a medical emergency. But when disaster strikes, it’s usually in an exotic location or at an inconvenient time, making it extremely challenging to find a doctor that you fully trust. Your insurance provider may be able to help you, but there is no guarantee that they will have access to the best English-speaking physician or be able to accommodate your immediate healthcare needs (if you’ve ever tried making a claim while abroad, you’ll know what I mean!). Moreover, they are also unlikely to cover medical tourism, specialist requests, or complications arising from pre-existing conditions. So what’s one supposed to do?

Immediate attention.

About 2 years ago, I had the misfortune of experiencing my own international healthcare crisis. I was in Prague and supposed to be having fun vacationing with friends traveling. However, an excruciating toothache, a swollen face, and the frustration of not being able to effectively communicate with the locals left me feeling stressed and panicked. In fact, I was at a complete loss as to what to do about my dental emergency in a foreign country and no-one seemed to be able to help me. Ultimately, I was able to get ibuprofen by simply identifying the packaging in a foreign language but I still had to cut my trip short and travel to a highly-recommended dentist in Turkey for immediate root canal treatment.

As I was establishing and building the VIVAVOYA app, my mind kept coming back to this incident. I came to the realization that when it comes to healthcare, speed matters. A lot. So  it’s become a cornerstone of our brand, alongside quality, safety, and communication. After all, I believe that traveling is made for epic vacations and special memories!

Secure and discreet.

Developing an exclusive yet convenient medical concierge service also means safety.

Safety for us is more than just high-quality healthcare and access to the best doctors in the world; it is also about data security and the utmost privacy and protection of your medical records. Did you know that in 2017, there was an average of at least 1 health data breach per day? That equaled to over 5.5M patients unwillingly disclosing their personal data to hackers and cybercriminals. That’s frightening.

Traveling can be stressful enough without the nagging concern of possibly losing your identity or fear of something even worse. Our application has been built using state if the art technology with all of our user data being stored on highly encrypted servers. We also take intense care in vetting all of our partners and providers to ensure that they follow these same stringent data protection policies so that you can worry less and live more!

Tailored service.

The travel industry is extremely personal, incredibly complex, and undoubtedly personal – some of us relish the excitement of outdoor adventure and extreme sports, while others love nothing more than to relax and do nothing on a private yacht or resort beach. I think international healthcare should be the same.

Recent studies show that over 70% of Americans frequently use their mobile device while traveling to access restaurants, research excursions, and source niche experiences, but 33% of millennials also reported that they plan on using a travel agent within the next 2 years. This seemingly contradictory evidence actually gives us an incredible insight: niche personalized service is in high demand. For VIVAVOYA, this means delivering the perfect balance between genuine human interaction and an efficient automated service.

Investing in a luxury vacation or embarking on a high-profile executive business trip are equally as rewarding, but they don’t come without their risks. The good news is that 99% of travelers report zero medical emergencies but is the possibility of a misdiagnosis of yellow fever, delayed treatment of traveler’s diarrhea, or inferior pediatric care for your baby worth the risk? Put simply, your health and family are probably your most valuable assets, so why not put them in hands of someone who cares, someone you trust, someone like us.


Personally liaise with one of our expert consultants about your travel healthcare priorities today or review our website for more information on our premium membership service.

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